Eastern Industrial park is fully leased

Main Press releases Eastern Industrial park is fully leased

The Eastern (Vostochny) Industrial park the developed by Espro Development is fully occupied by tenants. Long-term lease agreements were signed with Roto Frank, Sanitec, Central Division, Ontex RU, X5 Retail Group, and UPM companies.

The Eastern Industrial park is situated 44 km from Moscow within the city of Noginsk, near the “first concrete ring” and Central Ring Motor Road, on the federal highway M-7 “Volga”. The development territory is 63 ha, the site total area is 230, 000 sq. m. To date the first stage of the project whose total area is 121,400 sq. m has been commissioned. The main advantage of the Eastern Industrial park is its location in the eastern direction from Moscow where there are no offers of the same quality and availability of its own branch line. The project is co-owned by Raven Russia, a British investment fund.

According to Pavel Platonov, Head of the Sales Section of Espro Group “it was not easy to give the entire project on lease in the existing circumstances.” “The industrial park was commissioned in 2009 at the height of the crisis when many companies had revised their storage premises expansion plans and some of them even had reduced the areas they were using, noted Pavel Platonov. Generally, I believe that a 100% occupancy of such a large project is a very good result and evidences a gradual recovery of the market.”

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