Russias first childrens theme park to be opened later this year.

Main Press releases Russias first childrens theme park to be opened later this year.

Espro Group has announced the opening date and location of Masterslavl children’s theme park. The park with a total area of 6 000 sq.m will be located in the Evolution Tower shopping center in Moscow.  The lease agreement has been signed with City – Palace Company for a period of 10 years. Cushman & Wakefield acted as the consultant for the transaction. Masterslavl is scheduled for opening in Q4 2012. The project’s total budget amounts to 10,5 mln. EUR, the payback period is 8 years. 

«We were appointed as the  exclusive consultant for the Evolution Tower multi-use complex in summer 2011»,- says Julia Kachur, Senior Consultant for Retail Services at Cushman & Wakefield, - in an environment of intense competition with other projects, we focused on looking for a strong anchor tenant with a new fresh idea.

The Masterslavl project, originally titled The City of Craftsmen, was announced by Espro Group in late 2010. Masterslavl is a simplified, but at the same time lifelike replica of an actual city with only one exception: its residents and visitors are children.

A total of about 50 workshops are planned in the park, where children would experience a variety of grown-up professions through role playing activities. Children will acquire basic knowledge on any job they like, practice it and get paid for the work done.

The City has its own local currency, a bank, social services, motor roads, a theatre, scientific research laboratories, boutiques and manufacturing workshops. In the Park kids will learn to interact with each other in joint activities and take joint responsibility, developing their social skills.

The most important thing is that everything is done without any compulsion and based on individual initiative and mutual respect. A special focus will be given for children with special needs.

«The transaction was completed in an extremely short time due to the convergence of many factors. Evolution Tower provided Espro Group with the premises tailored to meet their strict requirements, such as central location, good transport accessibility, parking possibility to make changes to the project during the construction process. We are sure, that having the concept of Masterslavl, unique in the Russian market, as an anchor tenant, will help Evolution Tower enhance its attraction power and ensure attendance and cost-effectiveness», – Julia Kachur continues.

«This transaction is of utmost importance to us as developers, mainly, because Evolution Tower is not just world standards office center, but it’s a real alive project of social importance. The educational theme park for children breaks new ground in the children’s leisure industry.  It combines entertainment which is attractive for children and the educational component which will be appreciated by parents. Nowadays, computers and the Internet are the major interests in the life of a child. It’s not that Espro Group’s project is against technological progress, but it’s eager to introduce to children the real world full of wonderful discoveries and achievements. Educational theme parks contribute positively to the general development of the child and character. We believe that along with Espro Group we create the world of discoveries and great achievements» - says Snegiri Group’s Commercial Director  Maya Yakovlevna Danilovskaya.

«Evolution Tower is a single entity integrating business, leisure, work and life spaces. Implementing this project we strived to expand the comfort zone of a modern megalopolis resident, commonly limited to the confines of his or her apartment», - Maya Danilovskaya continues.

«Our aim was to expand the space making the working and leisure area more comfortable. This integrated area includes office space (80 000 sq.m), filled with light and air, shopping and entertaining malls (36 000 sq.m), a green space with trees, cascade fountains, lawns and cozy cafés. A parking lot for 1350 spaces is also available. Evolution Tower is the space that doesn’t suppress individuality, but helps to express it, turning the daily routine into incessant longing to win. We put all our development expertise into this project, as well as all our passion and precise analysis»

«It took us quite a long time to find premises that meet all of our requirements. All this time we were intensively involved in the elaboration of the concept and corporate design of the project, developing programs for the workshops, - comments Roman Klimov, Project Manager, spokesman for Espro Group, - having decided on the opening terms and location, we are proceeding to the next phase of the project: looking for curators (sponsors) for the park’s workshops. We call on brand name companies to join our project. Along with common product placement opportunities, curator companies will also have the opportunity to take an active part in the City’s life, not only carry out visual promotion, but also participate in program development. We observe a growing interest in the project from the Moscow Government and particularly on the part of Delovaya Rossia (Business Russia)».

Currently there are no educational theme parks of such kind in Russia. However, they are widely spread throughout the world.  Ivan Potekhin, General Manager at Espro Group comments on the projects’ key differences: «Developing the concept of Masterslavl we paid a great deal of attention to the world’s experience, but at the same time we didn’t want to just duplicate other parks, we opted for building our specific Russian city instead. What sets us apart from other amusement parks around the world, aside from some visual differences, is that we consider studies at the workshops more than just a one-time entertainment and present children who took an introductory class with the opportunity to continue their studies in the selected profession, attending master classes and career guidance courses provided with the support of professional education institutions».

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